General Knowledge for SSC MTS Multi Tasking Exam February 2014

General Knowledge for SSC MTS Multi Tasking Exam February 2014
GS general Knowledge  / Previous year question paper with answer key | Answer sheet and question paper solution for Staff selection commission Exam 16 February 2014, 23 February 2014
Q in which year Bharat Ratna the India’s highest civilian award was institute and how many persons have been honored wit this award so fare
A 1952, 67     B 195, 41    C 1969, 45    D 1972, 41
Answer: A

Q  The in chronological order of the chairman of atomic Energy commission of India?
A Homi Bhabha     B Raja Ramanna     C H.N.Sethana     D vikram Sarabhai
1 ADCB     2 ACBD    3 BADC    4 BCAD
Answer : 1
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Q : which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?
A Agni V – Intercontinental range missile
B trishul – supersonic Cruise Missile
C shourya  - hypersonic cruise missile
D Dhanush  - Short rang Missile
1 AD    B BC    3 D    4 B
Answer 2

Q which of the following news agencies is the older in the world ?
A reyter England    B agency France Press France AFP    
C deutsche press  agenture DPA
D telegraph Agency of the soviet union Tass Russia
Answer  : 1

Q : which drug has been banned by the union government on  26 June 2013
1 Anlgin     2 Paracetamol         3 Protocol     4 Vicks
Answer 1

Q within what period is the government entitled to reply and unstarred question generally?
1 Whining a week     2 Within 15 days     3 within 1 month     4 within 3 month
Answer : 1

Q : which state of India has Negative population growth rule as per censuses 2011
1 Goa         2 Tripura     3 Nagaland     5 Arunchance Pradesh
Answer 3
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Q which one of the following convicted RJD chief lalu prashad yadav in a fodder scam
1 Jharkhand high court     2 Supreme Court of India 3 Special CBI court     4 Patna high court
Answer 1

Q the first county to legalize production and trade of marijuana is
A Cambodia     B Srilanka     3 Syria 4 Urguay
Answer : 4

Q: under article 22 of the constitution of India m with the exception of centraion provision state there in, what is the maximum period for detention of a person under preventive detention?
1 2 months     2 3 months     3 4 months     4 6 months
Answer 2

Q : which of the following non violent movement led by Mahatma Gandhi against the British Raj, you would Rank as the most effective to mobilize the massed ?
A quit India movement
2: swadesi  and boycott of foreign good movement
3 Civil dissidence movement
4 Fasting
Answer : 2

Q : which one of the following amendment to the constitutions of India sought to curb political deceptions ?
A 42nd         2 52nd     3 62nd     4 70th
Answer 1