UP Lower Subordinate PCS Pre exam previous year Question paper for 19th January Exam 2014

UP Lower Subordinate PCS Pre exam previous year Question paper for 19th January Exam 2014
UPPSC Lower Subordinate previous year solved question for paper 1 GS general study Preliminary Examination GS important Questions for Lower PCS of 19 January 2014 Model Paper Sample question paper with answer key
Q:1 which of the following country have maximum rail network?
A Russia        B Japan     C China    D India

2 Silk route was started by in india
A kanishk     B Ashok     C harsh     D Fahyan

3 The Chainman of the first All India Socialist Youth Congress was
(a) Subhas Chandra Bose (b) Acharya Narendradev A Jawaharlal Nehru (d) J.B. Kripalani

4 In which of the following sessions did the Indian National Congress reject t1
Government of India Act, 1935? 
(a) Ramgarh Session, 1940  B  Lucknow Session, 1936  (c) Faizpur Session
(d) None of the above

5 Who has written the book “Politics in India”?
(a) Bidyut Chakravarti    B) Rajani Kothari (c) Romila Thaper  (d) A.K. Dubey

6 : Right to Vote and to be elected in India is a
(a) Fundamental Right (b) Constitutional Right (c) Natural Right  D. Legal Right

7 The Amendment of the Constitution can be initiated in
A The Lok Sabha only (b) The Rajya Sabha only  (c) The Legislative Assemblies of  States only (d) Either House of the Parliament

8 Which one of the following was an extremist?
(a) Pherozeshah Mehta (b) Gopal Krishna Gokhale Bipin Chandra Pal (d) None of the above

9 ‘Common weal’ paper was associated with
(a) B.G.Tilak Annie Besant (c) G.K. Gokhale (d) None of the above

10 Which of the following public sector enterprises in India, does g possess ‘Maharatna’ status given to four ‘Navratna’ companies
 (a) SAIL  (b) Bail (c) ONGC (d) NTPC

11 As per 2001 Census, in which State of India, infant mortality rate was the lowest?
A Kerala      B Himachal Pradesh  C Karnataka D Jammu & Kashmir

12 Which one of the following is the per capita income in India at 2004-05 prices. in the year 2010-11?
(a) 30525  (b) 33,626     B. 34,443 (d) 35,993

13 The Chairman of the Rajya Sabha is
(a) Appointed by the President (b) , Elected by the Parliament p3r The Vice-President is
officio Chairman (d) Elected by the members of the Council of States

14 Which one of the following is not expected to promote inclusive ?
(a) High growth rate of National Income
(b) Rural Development
(c) Agricultural Development
(d) Sufficient credit for farmers

1B     2A     3c      4D     5B       6 D     7D     8C     9 B     10B    11A    12C     13C    14 A